Send a floral gift with magical flowers that don't wither


We're so happy that you've visited our store.
We are a store that specializes in preserved flower arrangements.
(Fresh flowers that have gone through a special process to stop them from withering.)
All our products are made based on our own original designs.
Whenever an order comes in, we handpick the best quality,
fresh preserved flowers and carefully make each item one by one.
We want to delight our customers by helping them connect
with that important someone through the gift of flowers.

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For birthday celebrations, wedding flowers, decorative flowers, a gift for loved ones.

Preserved Flower

Preserved flowers are a type of non-withering flower originally created in France. Fresh, living flowers are treated with a special chemical process to create “magic flowers” that go on blooming for a long time. These flowers don't need to be watered.
They are so lush in feel and color and so soft to the touch - they can easily be mistaken for fresh flowers. Preserved flowers were first made in France, and are drawing attention here in Japan as a brand new variety of flower. If you store them the right way you can enjoy their beauty for many years, making them the perfect choice for wedding bouquets, gifts and home decorations, and the ideal gift to bring to hospitals where fresh flowers are prohibited.

Tips for keeping your preserved flowers looking their best over time

Point 1
Preserved flowers hate humidity. Please avoid keeping them near water or in a damp environment, as this can cause color loss or change.
Point 2
Take care to keep your preserved flowers away from direct sunlight or other direct illumination, as this can cause their petals to change in color and make them go bad more quickly.
*Flowers are very delicate. The petals are particularly soft and delicate, so take care not to touch them too much so that they don't break or get damaged.

The Beauty of Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are made by applying a treatment to fresh flowers, so they are soft and beautiful to the eye as well as to the touch.
Another attraction is that they are available in vibrant shades of blue not seen in living flowers. They come in a rich array of varieties, including green blossoms and florets.
Arrangements featuring blue roses are very popular at our store.
Blue roses are said to symbolize "A Blessing from God", "A Miracle" or "A Dream Come True".